Monday, 30 December 2019

The Christmas tree made from old bikes and scrap metal


The tree has been put up in an industrial estate in Newport, Wales

A Christmas tree made from old bikes and scrap metal is catching the attention of locals in Newport, Wales.
The dazzling tree has been put up at a waste disposal firm on an industrial estate.
The creation was originally built some years ago by workers, and it took about three weeks to make.
Workers didn't put the tree up last year, but decided to bring it back to life because locals were asking where it had gone.
Oliver Hazell and some of the other employees gave it a lick of paint and put it up especially, Wales Online reports.
Oliver, who was also part of the team involved in putting it together, said: "We were going to build a Christmas tree out of scrap, because we'd already built quite a few things out of scrap - sculptures and stuff.

"Looking around, we saw the bikes and had the idea of the rear wheel being like a bauble, so we sprayed all the frames green, took all the handlebars off, took the rear wheels off and sprayed them different colours and then put them all back on.
"There was a lot of painting, a lot of hours went into it.
"We started with big bikes and slotted down to smaller bikes at the top.
"We've got fabricators on site - it was a big team effort and we used local scrap yards.
"We just made it for a bit of fun, really."
The 30-year-old, who runs GD Environmental on Nash Road, said: "It's reuse, rather than everything going to waste.
"And people locally love it.
"We didn't realise it was known, we didn't put it up last year because it needed some love, so we resprayed it this year and rewelded some bits and lit it up better this year. They kept asking when it was going up.
"We put fairy lights on it this year, rather than just lighting it off the building so it does stand out more."
The reaction from locals has been really positive, Oliver says.
"People have been stopping by, taking pictures saying how much they love it."

Friday, 27 December 2019

Most Scrap Yards are Closed During the Christmas Holiday till the New Year

Most Scrap Yards are Closed During the Christmas Holiday, for this reason we decided to do the same and reopen in the New Year.

You will still be able to book in collections or book in a day and time when you would like to bring your Scrap Metal in the New Year.

 By emailing us at freescrapmetalclearance@gmail.com 

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

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Friday, 29 November 2019

TA-PO 1000 separation machine latest in Recycling Engineering

Plug-and-play for higher purity

    Roberto van den Kieboom: 'We are currently working on a unit capable of processing up to 70 tonnes per hour. '

    Separating transformers, electric motors, but also small fractions of copper wire from ferrous scrap streams is a piece of cake for the TA-PO 1000, a solution developed by Dutchman Roberto van den Kieboom.

    TA-PO is a relatively young recycling technology firm from the Netherlands that designs and fabricates lines to separate magnetic material from partially magnetic material. Company founder and ceo Roberto Van den Kieboom is on a mission. ‘Asia’s scrap import restrictions have made clear there is no future for mixed materials,’ he says. ‘Our solutions help recyclers reach the higher purity and quality required by the smelters.’ Other advantages include multiple shredding and the end of any sorting by hand.
    The TA-PO 1000 is a complete plug-and-play line that can be used to separate current electronic scrap flows from 0 to 130 mm in a clean iron fraction with less than 0.3% copper. This fraction after separation is approximately 80% of the total input of the TA-PO 1000 separator, the remaining 20% consists of transformers, electric motors, small copper wire, printed circuit boards and more.

    Tiny copper fractions

    Van den Kieboom: ‘These e-scrap fractions are often cleaned as much as possible by hand sorting. However, it appears that the ferrous metal usually contains more than 0.3% copper, which is a shame because it cannot be used as a high-quality raw material. And the copper is in the iron fraction for which ultimately is not paid for.’
    Another thing, says the entrepreneur, it’s impossible to separate small copper wire by hand. ‘But by using the TA-PO 1000, even the smallest pieces of wire automatically end up with the transformers and electric motors.’
    The TA-PO saves labour costs. Separating eight tonnes of e-scrap fraction by hand requires four human sorters. The TA-PO 1000 separator can be used 24/7 with an up-time of 99%.

    Powerful magnetics

    The TA-PO 1000 features a specially developed magnet which separates 100% magnetic parts (clean iron) from partly magnetic parts (transformers, electric motors, printed circuit boards, etc.)at a high speed via a vibrating feeder, chute and conveyor belt through amagnetic field.
    Asked for the machine’s capacity, Van den Kieboom says: ‘It all depends on the scrap input, size of the fractions and the settings of the technology. On average, it is ten to thirty tonnes per hour. But we are currently working on a unit capable of processing up to 70 tonnes per hour.’ 

    Easy to maintain

    Bulk weight, fraction size and required settings determine the capacity of the TA-PO 1000Smart design means maintenance is carried out quickly.Challenging parts such as side guide caps and the sliding channel can be openedautomatically via a touchscreen, conveniently as well as safely because the machine can nolonger be started at these times.

    Remote service

    All TA-PO 1000 separation machines are equipped as standard with a modem so that support canalways be provided remotely.Adjustments can also be carried out by the operator’s own staff after a brief explanation. When acorrect separation result has been achieved, this adjustment can easily be saved as standard and quickly recalled. The TA-PO 1000 can either be used as stand-alone unit or directly in line behind the shredder and existing magnet system.

    Ready to use… indoors or outdoors

    The TA-PO 1000 has a 15 metre cable and a 380 volt / 32 amp plug, so it canbe used everywhere without having to make special provisions in advance. The entire TA-PO 1000 separation machine is almost 11 metres long, 1.65 metres wide and 3.4metres high with a total weight of less than seven tonnes.
    According to Van den Kieboom, indoor installation is preferable but the TA-PO 1000 also performs well under extreme climate conditions: ‘Even at minus 10 Celsius, but also at plus 45 Celsius’. Partly thanks to its galvanised and double-layer powder-coated base frame, a long service life is guaranteed.

    Monday, 25 November 2019

    China to delay scrap metal reclassification until March

    China is expected to postpone the rollout of its as-yet-unannounced scrap metal reclassification policy until March 2020, as private consultations with the industry continue.
    The planned reclassification of high-purity scrap metal as raw material with fewer import restrictions was initially planned to be announced at the end of this year. But the complexity of the proposed rules have created difficulties in the implementation, which have delayed the rollout.
    A number of scrap suppliers and consumers said the earliest the reclassification can be implemented is March next year, and could even be pushed back to June if further complications arise with the new system. This delay will continue to cap global nonferrous scrap metal trade flow to China, the world's largest buyer.
    Until the reclassification policy is implemented, Chinese buyers' import volumes will continue to be restricted by the quarterly import quota issued by the environmental authority. From 1 July 2020 onwards, all buyers will require licences issued under approved quarterly quotas before they can import any scrap metal. The scrap import quota volume has been falling and has been far below buyers' requirements.
    Under the unannounced reclassification proposal, the required copper and aluminium content in Chinese scrap imports will be raised and impurities minimised. The proposal listed complex mandatory inspection procedures under which every batch of scrap imported into China will be sampled and tested for metal content, impurities and recovery rate.
    Aluminium scrap will be required to be packaged according to size (65mm, 28-65mm and 28mm) and should be visually regular. The packaging should contain the scrap's description, size, weight, aluminium and alloy content, metal content, recovery rate, packaging type, origin and executive standard.
    The scrap industry outside China was alarmed by the extent of the proposed standards and requirements, which are seen by many as exceedingly rigid and stringent. Many suppliers questioned the policy's practicality and cost-effectiveness.
    "It's going to be very tough if you send 10 containers and they check four... that's going to cost. Everything is possible, it just has a price tag. It's going to put the trade in a couple of companies, which have the possibility to finance it. For small companies, it's going to be a nightmare," a European scrap buyer said.
    The new requirement will add €20/t($22/t) in processing costs in order to package aluminium scrap according to sizes, a European scrap supplier said, adding that if the proposal is implemented in its current form, it may drastically reduce or even halt scrap imports to China.
    "This is crazy. If this goes through, China will not receive any scrap. China doesn't have enough scrap. They will try to buy it in ingot form," the supplier said.
    Melting and additional processing is required to turn scrap metal into ingot form, which is classed as raw material and for which there is no import restriction into China.
    "If you have copper scrap and granules, you melt it into ingots and it would be refined when it reached China. That's heating up the metal twice. It's more energy-intensive. That's not logical if you want to reduce pollution. I don't think that's the right way to do it," a second European scrap supplier said.
    Some market participants maintained that China will remain the largest scrap buyer in the world and sellers will have to find a way to process scrap to meet the new standards.
    "For the past 15 years, the scrap industry was supported by the Chinese. They are the market maker," a third European supplier said. "Now the Chinese have recognised they paid too much for scrap metal for the past 10-15 years. We have to find ways to treat this scrap. India can't take all these materials."

    Tuesday, 24 September 2019

    Common forms of Brass we Buy and Sell

    Mixed Brass

    scrap brass

    Mixed Brass usually comes in the form of taps and valves, We buy this type of brass on a regular basis, We also buy Brass ornaments, Brass sheeting and anything else made from Brass.

    scrap brass
    The quality requirement of Brass has increased over the last couple of years and Brass with flexi-pipe or plastic may have some weight or price reduction for our time removing the unwanted attachments.

    The above picture shows brass with unwanted flexipipe attached

    For latest Scrap Brass Price call today.

    Saturday, 27 July 2019

    Common Forms of Lead We Buy and Sell

    Lead Sheeting

    Used lead for roofing is a common form that is recycled, paint will make no difference to the price however if there is asphalte and mortar attached then this will bring the price down.

    scrap lead

    Lead Pipes

    Lead pipes are also a common form which is regularly recycled, most properties that have plumbing redone will have changed over to plastic or copper pipes,  lead pipes now days are considered obsolete.  

    scrap lead

    For latest Scrap Lead Price call today.

    Tuesday, 16 July 2019

    Common Types of Cable We Buy and Sell

    Household Cable 

    This is pretty much any double layered cable which has a copper content between 40% - 50%
    All plugs, sockets etc must be removed before selling as this will bring down the final value of the your cable. 

    scrap cable

    Low Grade / Armoured Cable / SWA

    Low Grade cable is triple layered copper cable with an extra layer of steel as there are so many layers this cable is usually bought at a lower price to household cable, however the price will get higher if the Armoured cables you are selling has a bigger circumference as this usually means there is a better copper content.

    scrap armoured cable

    Single Core Cable

    Singles have a higher copper content usually between 60% - 70% for this reason we can pay a better price for singles, the final price would be much less if it has plugs attached. 

    scrap single core cable

    For latest Scrap Cable Price call today.

    Wednesday, 12 June 2019

    Types of Copper we buy and sell

    Here are some photos of the types of copper we buy and sell

    Dry Bright Wire

    This type of copper be found inside insulated cable, It is well worth removing this copper from large armoured cables as the Dry Bright Wire is of high value and can be sold at a better rate that copper pipes.

    scrap dry bright wire

    Clean Copper Tubes 

    Clean copper tubes is basically Clean Copper Pipes that have no paint solder of plastic attachments it is the second most valuable common type of copper, other clean types of copper can be sold along side clean tubes.  

    scrap clean copper tube

    Heavy Copper also know as Copper 98% 

    As you can see in the picture below Heavy Copper has paint and solder attachments and is not as good as clean copper so the price is usually slightly less.

    scrap heavy copper

    Copper Braziery

    Copper Braziery is basically copper pipes with some attachments as brass has a lesser value than Copper Braziery prices are usually 50p - £1 less than copper 98%

    scrap braziery

    Copper Cylinders

    Copper Cylinders are usually priced at the same price as braziery although weight can be taken off for insulation and limescale, clean tanks with brass elements and insulation removed can be sold as copper 98%.

    scrap copper cylinder

    For latest Scrap Copper Price call today.

    Wednesday, 15 May 2019

    Scrap Metal Collection from London, Luton, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

    We are offering our Scrap Metal Collection Service from all the listed areas.

    London, Luton, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

    Our Mobile Scrap Metal Weigh and Pay Mobile Service is available in all these areas.

    We are buying Lead, Copper, Brass and all types of cable.

    Please call us on 07802780631 if you would like a collection, if we have not mentioned your area don't worry if it is not too far away from the areas mentioned it should still be ok.
    Van for Scrap Metal Collections

    Monday, 13 May 2019

    Tata Steel and Thyssenkrupp abandon joint venture on regulatory demands

    Thousands of people are employed at the steelworks in Port Talbot

    The future of the Port Talbot steelworks in South Wales is thrown into question again as Tata Steel and Thyssenkrupp part ways.

    The Indian company and Germany's Thyssenkrupp had wanted to create the second-largest steelmaker in Europe through a 50-50 partnership - a deal that unions said would safeguard investment and the 4,000 jobs in South Wales.
    But the firms announced on Friday they had decided to part ways because remedies demanded by the EU competition regulator went beyond the "logic" of the deal - agreed last June following two years of talks.
    Tata made it clear that it planned to operate its European operations as normal, for now at least, saying Port Talbot was cash positive and it would look for strategic opportunities.
    Its statement said: "While the proposed joint venture was an important strategic initiative for Tata Steel to create a sustainable portfolio in Europe that would have also helped to de-consolidate the European business and de-leverage its balance sheet, Tata Steel remains committed to the above strategy and would explore all options to achieve similar outcomes in the future."

    Port Talbot became a symbol of the struggles facing UK steel ahead of the tie-up talks in 2016 as the sector battled to restore its competitiveness in the face of high energy costs and the threat posed by cheap Chinese imports.
    Roy Rickhuss, general secretary of the steelworkers' trade union Community, said of the failed merger: "This is obviously a major development that raises as many questions as answers.

    Sunday, 12 May 2019

    Gateshead fridge plant

    Nearly £6 million in funding was secured for a fridge recycling plant in Gateshead, 
    Gap Waste Management, which is part of the family firm, the Gap Group, has said it secured £5.7 million in funding from private equity firms SQN Capital Management UK, Bridge and York Capital Partners, as well as through a mixture of other loans.
    The plant can process up to 100 fridges per hour
    The Gap Group, based in Gateshead, said the plant will be capable of processing up to 100 fridges per hour, and is “strategically located”.

    Peter Moody

    Managing director of the Gap Group, Peter Moody, explained he is pleased to be moving forward with the plans after a long planning process.
    He said: “After spending what has felt like a long time putting the necessary plans together, we are thrilled to see the funding come through to facilitate what will be a fantastic project and beneficial to so many. This will allow local waste to be treated by local people which is not only fantastic in terms of generating employment opportunities but also great from an environmental perspective”.
    Gap Waste noted that it collects more than 100,000 fridges every year, collecting bulk shipments from across the UK and transporting them to the North East. Each collection weighs on average between five and six tonnes. Its largest source of waste arrives from CA sites.

    2016 plant

    The plant will follow on from a fully automated WEEE plant which the Gap Group built in 2016, as well as expanding an in house CRT recycling facility and reuse plant.
    The video below shows GAP Waste collecting large domestic appliances and providing a “complete recycling service” with the recyclate being sold within the material recovery chain.
    GAP Waste collects over 100,000 waste fridges per annum and collects bulk shipments and transport across the UK in its fleet, which average around five or six tonnes per load.

    Tuesday, 7 May 2019

    Scrap Metal Collections Milton Keynes

    Scrap Metal Collections Milton Keynes, we also cover Luton, Dunstable, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, Northampton...……….and many more.

    Wednesday, 1 May 2019

    China's metals imports robust despite macro doubts

    LONDON (Reuters) - Industrial metal markets are taking a breather as they await tangible evidence that China’s latest stimulus package is feeding through to a flagging manufacturing sector. 

    April’s purchasing managers indices, weaker than expected but still just in expansion territory, mean the collective guessing game continues.
    More certain is the strength of the country’s imports in the first quarter of this year.
    Copper imports almost matched last year’s record pace, while China continues to soak up refined zinc and lead to fill domestic market shortfalls.
    Refined nickel imports have been slower than last year but inbound shipments of nickel raw materials continue to boom.
    China’s exports of aluminium semi-manufactured products tend to grab the headlines but equally significant are shifts in the country’s trade in bauxite and alumina.
    The tin trade picture is different, with China consolidating its position as a consistent net exporter even though imports of raw materials are falling. 
    Refined copper imports slowed over February and March but the first-quarter total of 839,000 tonnes was down by only a marginal 1.6 percent on 2018, when imports hit a record 3.8 million tonnes.
    Robust imports may in part just be the normal restocking as the country gears up after winter and the Lunar New Year holidays. Shanghai exchange stocks are mirroring this seasonal pattern, falling by 41,733 tonnes over the last month.
    An extra element to the mix this year, however, might be the continuing disruption to scrap flows as Beijing steadily tightens the purity threshold for imports.
    Scrap imports slumped by 32 percent last year and they fell another 38 percent to 343,000 tonnes in the first quarter of 2019.
    The gross tonnage declines overstate the copper content impact as the quality of scrap shipments steadily rises but the continuing turmoil in this segment of the market is generating increased demand for both refined metal and mine concentrates.

    Tuesday, 30 April 2019

    Domestic Fridge Freezer Waste Disposal Information

    Domestic Fridge and Freezer disposal has become a bit of a problem since new environmental laws put a ban on fridge and freezers going into scrap yards as standard frag feed, The reason behind the ban was breaking up fridges and freezers causes harmful gasses to be released into the atmosphere.

    We often get calls from people who are not aware of the change in the law and still think scrap collectors collect old fridges but this is no longer the case.

    Since the ban there has been a spike in fridges and freezers being flytipped, This has also lead to an increase in the same problem the new law was trying to prevent, Fridges that are dumped in the street usually have their compressors cut and removed by unlicensed illegal scrap collectors, cutting the compressors from fridges and freezers leads to harmful gasses being released so we end up back to the same problem.

    If you are a householder you would be able to take your fridge or freezers to your local Council Tip and dispose it free of charge, this might not be case for all councils but most of them.

    You could also arrange a fridge collection by the council however this might not be free with all councils each borough has a different charging system, today I was informed that someone in Milton Keynes was quoted £60 for a fridge collection by their local council, that is the highest charge I've seen so far.

    We can offer fridge freezer disposal at a fair price, let us know what you have been quoted by your council and we will see if it's possible to offer a better deal.

    picture of a dumped fridge freezer

    My personal view on solving the problem of flytipped  fridges is for government and councils to work together on creating state owned fridge treatment plants which can safely de-gas and remove the metals from the fridges and freezers at a profit, If people were offered even a small credit token of even £2 for each fridge they took along to a treatment site, I believe these fridges would no longer be flytipped and I'm sure people would be willing to collect them off the street and run them in if the incentive was there.

    Saturday, 27 April 2019

    Get Free Bitcoin when you sign up to coinbase

    If your new to cryptocurrency we recommend coinbase which is the most secure and established crypto exchange it can even be directly linked to your paypal for extra security and fast deposits and withdrawals.

    Follow my link to receieve $10 worth of free bitcoin.

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    Friday, 26 April 2019

    Waste Clearance and Scrap Metal Collection Service in Milton Keynes

    Waste Clearance and Scrap Metal Collection Service in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

    We are offering and alternative to skip hire in the Milton Keynes area, fair prices single items and small collections welcome, we can clear fridges beds sofas and other household junk items, we can also collect from businesses.

    waste collection van

    We also buy non Ferrous Metals from Milton Keynes and Surrounding areas.
    scrap copper collection van
    open on sundays