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Friday 1 February 2019

Scrap Metal Yard open every Sunday

As mentioned in an older post We are open every Sunday
hours vary anywhere between 9am-7pm, We recommend calling first 07802780631.

We chose Sunday to be one of our main trading days to help building contractors and other types of tradesmen get their vehicles
empty and ready for work on a Monday morning, as having scrap metal in their way can leave less room in the van for picking up building materials for their site work. 

We also noted that most tradesman were also uncomfortable with leaving their valuable scrap metals on site over the weekend as there is more of a risk of it being stolen, so giving the option of emptying their van on a Sunday is an option that many of my customers are grateful of having.

We sometimes miss out one or two days in the week to make up for the days we done over the weekend so we always recommend that you call first so we can let you know if we are open or not. 

So don't forget every Sunday you will be able to sell your Scrap Lead, Scrap Copper, Scrap Brass and Scrap Cable to our Metal Recycling Business based in Wembley, Instant Bank transfer available proof of address and valid I.D must be provided.

You will still receive an instant payment even on a Sunday, new customers are always welcome.

Don't worry if you only have a small time slot to sell your metals to us, in most cases we will serve you straight away, we will put your metals into wheelie bins roll them on to the scales, we then write the correct weights down in kilograms, this is a very simple and fast process, which helps us turn your metals into money in a very short amount of time, our bank transfer system is also lightning quick, so you will not need to do any waiting around for a payment. 

Summary fast service fast payment open Sunday = Happy Customers.

scrap yard open on sundays

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