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Saturday 27 July 2019

Common Forms of Scrap Lead We Buy and Sell

Here are the 2 most common forms of Scrap Lead that we buy and sell, Lead is a very easy metal to Identify, Although when Lead has just been melted it is a silvery colour it will soon turn back to a grey colour, contact with the atmosphere makes the surface gradually oxidize.

Another great way to identify lead is trying to bend it, Lead is a very soft metal and can be moved and bent into a different shape without much effort.

Lead is a very dense and heavy metal and is often used as ballast to weigh things down, Lead is a nonferrous metal and has no magnetic pull this is also another good way to Identify Lead.

Scrap Lead Sheeting

Used lead for roofing is a common form that is recycled, paint will make no difference to the price however if there is asphalte and mortar attached then this will bring the price down.

scrap lead

Scrap Lead Pipes

Lead pipes are also a very common form which is regularly recycled, most properties owners that have their plumbing redone will have changed over to plastic or copper pipes, lead pipes now days are considered obsolete.  

Although Lead is a very heavy material it is a very quick and easy material to handle, weighing and buying lead usually takes us around 5 -10 minutes so you will be back on your way with a lightning fast payment before you know it.  

scrap lead

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