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Friday 1 January 2016

Copper Granules for Sale

Copper Granules for Sale £8 plus vat per Kg

We are now selling copper granules made on our very own machines in the UK, the copper granules have been extracted from old electrical cables, For clean copper granules we charge £8 per kg, we also have waste plastic granules which are free. I have found them quite useful for soaking up oil from an oil spillage.

Copper granules are small pieces of copper that are much easier to melt making it a lot cheaper
to manufacture goods made from copper, if you are interested in our any of our granules give us a call on 07802780631.

Please note if your using the copper granules for art projects etc, the granule sizes range from 10mm - 15mm also thickness of the copper granules can also very.

We used to make 1mm copper granules which is a popular size but it is a much slower process  so unfortunately we had to discontinue that line.

Image of scrap copper granules

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