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Saturday, 22 February 2020

24Hr Scrap Metal Collection Phone Number

You will now be able to contact us or leave a message on our 24hr Scrap Metal Collection Phone Number outside normal office hours.

Tel 08726300123 calls charged at 14p per min

Monday, 3 February 2020

How Landfill Tax has lead to waste disposal price rises

Since 1996 the price to dispose general waste has become more and more expensive, Many customers who have not used waste disposal services for a while have been shocked when they have been quoted for waste disposal services and the problem is more money goes on Landfill tax than we even make in profit.

We have been charging £240 plus vat for many years to remove a 1 tonne load of mixed general waste, to dispose this 1 tonne load the cost is between £130 - £160 plus vat at a waste transfer station, These waste transfer stations have to charge these rates and they rise further every year to cover the cost of the Landfill tax.

I am struggling to find information where this tax revenue is spent, surely the billions the tresury collect could be invested in state of the art recycling plants creating thousand of jobs, there is a major lack of recycling facilities available to businesses especially for plastics, only private companies are addressing these problems, When it comes to environmental issues the governments answer always seems to be fines and taxes but never investing in better ways of doing things.

Date of changeStandard rate (£ per tonne)Lower rate (£ per tonne)
1 October 199672
1 April 1999102
1 April 2000112
1 April 2001122
1 April 2002132
1 April 2003142
1 April 2004152
1 April 2005182
1 April 2006212
1 April 2007242
1 April 2008322.50
1 April 2009402.50
1 April 2010482.50
1 April 2011562.50
1 April 2012642.50
1 April 2013722.50
1 April 2014802.50
1 April 2015 (See note 1)82.602.60
1 April 201684.402.65
1 April 201786.102.70
1 April 201888.952.80
1 April 201991.352.90
1 April 202094.153.00

Our company does not export scrap metals

We quite often get requests from business people from overseas asking if we would sell them our metals, We do not offer an exporting service and only sell in bulk to customers based in the UK and that we have already been trading with for many years. We are happy with the arrangement and believe in the saying "if it's not broke don't try and fix it" in other words it works for us.

We do not collect shipping containers

We are often asked do we collect shipping containers and the answer to that is "no" the main problem being transportation costs out weigh the value of the metal, We can recommend a company called Container Disposal, however there would be charge for this service here is a link to their website.

scrap metal shipping container

Friday, 31 January 2020

Coronavirus has effected metal markets especially the price of Copper

Coronavirus has effected the price of Copper, As well as other metal markets, here's a chart showing a substantial drop just in the last few days.

scrap copper price chart

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Most scrap companies don't want discarded skips

Had a strange call today from a land owner offering me some free metal and quite a lot of it, Ok sounds good what's the catch.

Well it was a skip that had not been paid for by the builder, so by the sounds of it skip company were refusing to collect it until they were paid, the land owner rather than take on the liabilty as this is his land and pay for the skip thought it would be wise to contact Scrap Metal companies and offer this skip (which was full of waste by the way) for free, obviously no scrap companies would take the skip as it would be classed as stolen goods and even if the skip company said "ok you can have the skip", the price to get rid of the waste inside the skip would cost triple if not 4 times more than the metal is actually worth.

The mind boggles at what lengths people will go to save parting with their money.    

Unfortunately this is not the first time we had a call like this, We also get a lot of calls from people living in some of the most exclusive postcodes in London asking for washing machines and white goods to be collected from their properties for free, When we have explained this is not viable and we need to charge as the price of iron is too low, These same people will try to turn the call into an argument and act like it's their given right to have it collected for free and also act as though the small charge of £30-£40 is like their parting with £1000's of pounds, We are very grateful to iphone which allows us to block these people and never hear from them again.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Burning Cable for Copper content is unsafe and illegal

Burning copper wire is not a safe way to extract the copper inside it. Burning copper wire releases carcinogens and toxins into the air and into the ground around the burn site, including “dioxins, furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, particulate matter, heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic, selenium and cadmium) and other pollutants.” plus doing this may lead to a large fine from the environment agency.

You might wonder how burning copper wire yourself is different from the industrial process used to reclaim copper from insulated wire. It’s true that heat is also used to strip copper wire in a commercial setting. There is a big difference between holding copper wire over a flame, as an amateur might do, and a factory that uses the intense heat of an industrial incinerator and appropriate venting procedures. Burning insulated copper wire yourself releases toxins that can damage your nervous system, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system, not to mention increasing your risk of cancer, It is much better to just to buy a cheap cable stripping machine than take all these heath risks. 

Although it is not illegal to sell burnt copper we strongly recommend not to burn it.