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Types of Copper we buy and sell

Here are some photos of the types of copper we buy and sell Dry Bright Wire This type of copper be found inside insulated cable, It is ...

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Our Prices of Scrap Metal Website

Our Prices of Scrap Metal Website has had a long overdue rebuild and is looking pretty good now, Many thanks to our website builder who we've used for many years. Great Job!

Here's the link to the new look website.

You can always call direct for any Scrap Metal Enquiry on this number as well
Call 07802780631  

Tuesday 6 September 2022

London Scrap Copper Video

London Scrap Copper Video
Here is our London Scrap Copper Promotion Video, we had this especially made to go along with our website https://londonscrapcopper.co.uk/ we hope you find the video interesting and entertaining. 

Monday 5 September 2022

Our Scrap Yard is based outside the Ultra Low Emission Zone

 A common question we are asked on the phone is Wembley Recycling Ltd aka Copper Recycling Wembley inside the ULEZ, Simple answer is "NO" we are not in the ULEZ and you will not be charged for going to our drop off point at 560 Market Way HA02BT as long as you take a route that is outside the ULEZ.

Thursday 7 July 2022

Copper price drop during June 2022

Copper prices dropped a fair bit during June 2022 as you can see in the graph below, hopefully they bounce back but this is never certain, copper prices are still pretty high compared to 2 years ago and you can still see good returns for your copper at the moment.


Wednesday 30 March 2022

Our Scrap Yard in Wembley is buying Non-Ferrous Metals

 Our Scrap Yard in Wembley is buying Non-Ferrous Metals give us a call on the mobile 07802780631 to book an appointment.  

We are usually open till 8pm including Saturday and Sunday however we could be out on collections so as mentioned so give us a call to book an appointment.

Wembley Scrap Yard

Monday 21 March 2022

Getting the right weights Copper Cylinder Scrap

Getting the correct weights for copper cylinders aka hot water tanks can sometimes take a bit of guess work especially when they have lots of limescale inside, the foam insulation is usually 1-2 kgs depending on the size of the tank, as you see in the photos below we opened this copper tank as it was unusually heavy for a tank this size, my guess was 10kgs of limescale to a customer this seemed like a big deduction in weight so it made sense to remove the limescale there and then, the 2 piles of limescale that were removed from this tank actually weighed 13kgs, With the high prices of copper at the moment this could of worked out to be some pretty expensive but useless limescale. 

Monday 14 February 2022

Advice on getting best copper prices

 Here's a common mistake many customers make when dropping of their scrap copper, what they have done as you can see in the photo is wrapped the clean copper tube in tape to make it easier to handle and transport, at the same time they have unknowingly devalued the price of the copper as it is now classed as dirty copper due to the contamination of the tape, clean copper has to be 100 percent clean no paint, no plastic and no solder, It's can be a time consuming job removing all the tape from many bundles of clean copper so we advise to not put tape on the clean copper pipes in the first place, that way you can get the best prices for your copper.       

Clean Copper contaminated with tape