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Earn free money from surfing the web
Earn free money from surfing the web

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Common Types of Cable We Buy and Sell

Household Cable 

This is pretty much any double layered cable which has a copper content between 40% - 50%
Most data cable can also be mixed in with household cable,  
All plugs, sockets etc must be removed before selling as this will bring down the final value of the your cable. 

Please note: we cannot buy any data cable that has BT markings as BT cable is now considered illegal.

scrap cable

Low Grade / Armoured Cable / SWA

Low Grade cable is triple layered copper cable with an extra layer of steel as there are so many layers this cable is usually bought at a lower price to household cable, however the price will get higher if the Armoured cables you are selling has a bigger circumference as this usually means there is a better copper content.

Please note: Lead Armoured Cables and Armoured Aluminium Cables are considered very low grade and would be bought at a lesser rate than standard armoured cables, we recommend stripping the cables if possible. 

scrap armoured cable

Single Core Cable

Singles have a much higher copper content usually between 60% - 70% for this reason we can pay you a much better rate for your cable, the final price would be considerably less if it has plugs attached as we would have to spend time removing the plugs and other attachments it also brings down the overall weight of the cable, The reason why these cables are called singles is due to the fact the they only have one single layer of pvc sleeve and one single copper core, this makes single core cable very easy to identify.

scrap single core cable

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