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Tuesday 16 June 2020

Collecting Scrap Appliances & Metal Items

Please note most Scrap Household Metal Items are Chargeable due to low metal value and other reasons stated below.      

Sadly the days of having Free Scrap Metal Collections of Washing Machines etc are long gone, not just the large drop in the price of the metal has caused this but also other factors such as more legislation and a spike in the price of scrap metal collectors van insurance in fact all insurance in this industry is very costly, If you work in the scrap metal recycling industry motor insurance is double compared to most other industries, also to stay legal we have to have scrap metal licenses they also come at a cost.

Carrying van loads of scrap metal causes a lot of wear and tear on a vehicle this leads to many garage repair bills, also when unloading our vehicles at very large scrap yards there usually sharp objects like nails on the ground and getting punctures and having to replace tyres is also an ongoing and expensive cost.  

Picking up the items listed is non viable to us financially but also non viable for our health, as every time a heavy item is picked up there is always a possible chance of an injury, It really makes no sense to us risking a back injury picking up a heavy washing machine for free that only has a value of around £2, when we can do other work and be able to at least earn the minimum wage, doing those items for free would definitely not allow us to earn the minimum wage far from it.   

Hope this gives you a better understanding why we have to charge.

Prices start at £20 per Collection

Due to high call volumes we do not reply to messages asking for free metal collections as it very time consuming for us to explain that we have to charge for your items.

Here is a list of common items that  are Chargeable

Washing Machines
Tumble Dryers
Metal Beds
Garage Doors
Metal Sofas
Metal Fences
Metal Gates
Car Parts
Metal Windows
Metal Doors
Filing Cabinets
Metal Chairs
Metal Tables
Exercise Bikes
Exercise Equipment
Range Cookers
TV Ariels
Storage Heaters
Patio Heaters
Air Con units
Satellite Dishes
Metal Shelving
Metal Sheds
Ironing Boards
Metal Cupboards
Metal Tools
Metal Garden Furniture
Stair Lifts
Metal Racking
Kitchen Utensils
Pots and Pans
Electric Bikes
Electric Scooters
Electric Fans
Metal Lockers
Metal Railings
Metal Security Grills
Metal Garden Swings
Metal Disability Equipment
Metal Sinks
Metal Cooking Equipment
Scaffold Poles
Cement Mixers
Band Stands
Metal Stoves
Metal Sheets
Metal Cages
Metal Garden Rollers
Sewing Machines

Part Metal Chargeable Items

Sterio Equipment
Lawn Mowers

Common Metals Items From Businesses are still chargeable

Commercial Cookers
Commercial Pizza ovens
Commercial Fridges
Commercial Freezers
Coffee Machines 
Cold Drinks Machines
Extractor Fans
Commercial Microwaves
Commercial Deep Fat Fryers
Commercial Cleaning Equipment
Metal Desks
Metal Fans
Commercial Counter Fridges
Commercial Catering Equipment 
Metal Machinery 
Metal Gym Equipment
Metal Shutters
Laundrette Equipment
Commercial Dish Washers
Dust Extractors
Metal Signage
Metal Display Equipment
Metal Clothes Rails
Light Fittings
Metal Ceilings
Metal Partitioning
Metal Canopies
Industrial Sewing Machines

Metal Wheelie bins and Metal Skips
( If these are abandoned we will need permission from previous owner to collect )

Super Market Trollies and Super Market Cages 
(need a letter of authority from the store 
manager to be removed) 

These and many other similar items are all Chargeable

However if you are happy to pay for your items to be collected then please let us know in the message you leave. 

For example: Hi I have a washing machine that needs to be picked up I'm happy to pay a fee for this.

Please note, by leaving a message like that we will usually get back to you on the same working day.

You can leave a voice message or text message on 07802780631 if you prefer landline you can leave a voice message on 02082008656

We may still only charge the minimum for multiple metal items, extra charges are based on postcode for example Central London is more expensive due to congestion charge.

Other costs are priced into the job for example how far do the metal items need to be carried and parking availability.   

The photo below is an example of various metals although there are quite a few items we would still to have charge to take them away, if we can park close by then the charge will usually be the same as taking a single item like a scrap washing machine.  

We do also take other non metal waste items however those non metal waste items would be charged separately as they have to be recycled in a different way and taken to a different waste transfer station.
Scrap Washing Machine

image of various scrap metals

We will sometimes ask for upfront partial booking payment that will be deducted from the final price of the collection this could be anything between £10 - £30 depending on the distance we have to travel to collect your metals, If you have cancel the booking then the upfront payment is not refundable however if it was our fault and we could not honour the collection ( for example our vehicle breaking down)  then the payment would be refunded.

We have to put this in place due to a number of bookings we in the past where metal has been taken before we have arrived, having time and fuel wasted can make our job very miserable and we much prefer to be happy it makes us even better at what we do when we are happy.

We would recommend making the booking payment a day in advance to avoid losing it if your metal is collected by other means.

Below is a payment button where you can send over the booking fee.

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