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Earn free money from surfing the web
Earn free money from surfing the web

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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Common forms of Brass we Buy and Sell

Mixed Brass

The price of scrap brass is roughly around 2 thirds of the price of scrap copper,

Brass is an alloy is usually made of copper and zinc. Most brass contains about 60% copper this explains why brass is 2 thirds of the price of copper.

scrap brass

Mixed Brass usually comes in the form of taps and valves, We buy this type of brass on a regular basis, We also buy Brass ornaments, Brass sheeting and anything else made from Brass.

scrap brass
The quality requirement of Brass has increased over the last couple of years and Brass with flexi-pipe or plastic may have some weight or price reduction for our time removing the unwanted attachments.

The above picture shows brass with unwanted flexipipe attached

For latest Scrap Brass Price call today.

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