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Types of Copper we buy and sell

Here are some photos of the types of copper we buy and sell Dry Bright Wire This type of copper be found inside insulated cable, It is ...

Tuesday 6 September 2022

London Scrap Copper Video

London Scrap Copper Video
Here is our London Scrap Copper Promotion Video, we had this especially made to go along with our website https://londonscrapcopper.co.uk/ we hope you find the video interesting and entertaining. 

Monday 5 September 2022

Our Scrap Yard is based outside the Ultra Low Emission Zone

 A common question we are asked on the phone is Wembley Recycling Ltd aka Copper Recycling Wembley inside the ULEZ, Simple answer is "NO" we are not in the ULEZ and you will not be charged for going to our drop off point at 560 Market Way HA02BT as long as you take a route that is outside the ULEZ.