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Tuesday 3 December 2019

Get paid to surf the web with the Brave Browser

 Brave Browser

The Brave Browser is new and fantastic idea, you can watch videos and read articles without annoying adverts eating up your phone data "win win", The Brave browser is also super fast and has no adverts or ad trackers slowing it down this also makes it more private which is better for security another "win win", best of all you can watch films and play music on youtube with no interruptions which is as good as having youtube premium, without having to pay a premium so your basically "saving money and making money" well that's definately music to my ears. You can get the Brave browser from the link below happy surfing.

Oh there was one thing I forgot to mention Brave pay you tokens every month for using their browser yes you did hear that right, you get valuable basic attention tokens paid into a web wallet every month just for browsing and these tokens can be converted back into standard money. 

Click in the images below for more information.

Earn free money from surfing the web

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