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Types of Copper we buy and sell

Here are some photos of the types of copper we buy and sell Dry Bright Wire This type of copper be found inside insulated cable, It is ...

Monday 14 February 2022

Advice on getting best copper prices

 Here's a common mistake many customers make when dropping of their scrap copper, what they have done as you can see in the photo is wrapped the clean copper tube in tape to make it easier to handle and transport, at the same time they have unknowingly devalued the price of the copper as it is now classed as dirty copper due to the contamination of the tape, clean copper has to be 100 percent clean no paint, no plastic and no solder, It's can be a time consuming job removing all the tape from many bundles of clean copper so we advise to not put tape on the clean copper pipes in the first place, that way you can get the best prices for your copper.       

Clean Copper contaminated with tape