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Sunday 11 December 2016

We Charge £35 to Collect Scrap Kitchen Appliances

We charge £35 plus vat to collect scrap kitchen appliances (white goods) fridges and freezers are at a higher rate of £50 plus vat.
However we don't charge extra for multiple metal items, for example a fridge and a washing machine will only cost £50 plus vat, Costs can also vary on post codes and other factors.

Commercial fridges are charged at a higher rate to domestic fridges as they cost more to recycle, If you send over photos of your commercial fridges and freezers we can give you a quote, our whatsapp number is 07802780631 or you can email us at freescrapmetalclearance@gmail.com 

 We are happy to collect your Commercial Fridge Freezers from Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Colleges and Schools once a price is agreed. 

You can see a full list other other metal items we charge for on this link https://www.metalclearance.com/2020/06/collecting-chargeable-metal-items.html

Here's is a picture of a scrap washing machine as mentioned we charge £35 plus vat to remove them, however give us a call if we are not too busy or you are near one of our jobs maybe we can give you a better deal.

We cover many areas in Greater London, We can also clear items away that are not made of metal, our rubbish clearance rates are very reasonable and we would be happy to clear your metal and non-metal waste at the same time.    

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