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Tuesday 15 November 2016

Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Recycled Cardboard and paper prices are quite low for this reason we have to charge to remove your waste cardboard and paper the good news is we can do a collection for you at a better rate than general waste, Your waste paper and cardboard will also be 100 percent recycled.

For us to be able to collect your waste cardboard & paper at a discounted rate, you will need to have a van load that is just made up of clean paper and cardboard, no plastic or metal attachments etc.

If you have a large office to clear and you have the time to separate your waste cardboard and paper from the other waste then it would work out much more economical to do so.

It is possible that one day the cardboard and paper prices could rocket if that time ever comes, we would review our prices to collect your cardboard and paper waste and if the prices where high enough we would even consider doing that for free.  

For more information here's our cardboard recycling website.

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