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Monday 3 October 2016


Selling scrap by parcel is a new idea I have come up with for customers who can not deliver to us and are too far for us to collect from.

I had this website built a while back http://www.ukscrapmetal.co.uk/ for customers wanting to try this new service.

Scrap by parcel is a bit similar to a postal gold service except the parcels are a lot bigger.

Please note this service would not be worthwhile for Ferrous metals like iron and steel or lower rate non -ferrous metals like aluminium, stainless steel.

All types of Copper, Brass, Gunmetal would work well using the"Scrap By Parcel" system.

 There are great parcel deals on this site https://www.parcel2go.com/  
I found a deal where UPS would collect and deliver a fairly large box 55cm Height 55cm Depth 55cm Width and weighing up to 70kg for around £28.

So let say you had 70kg of Dry Bright Copper, I would offer anything between £2.60-£3.00 per kg depending on the markets, So the value would be between £182-£210 after you have paid delivery £28 you would be left with £154-£182.

I'm not sure if any other companies are doing this service yet, maybe the bigger scrap dealers would not have the time for this, Maybe my company Wembley Recycling Ltd is the first company in the Uk to offer this service. 

If you have some scrap metal you would like to post, you can send an email to freescrapmetalclearance@gmail.com for more details. 

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