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Monday 23 November 2020

If a Scrap Metal Price seems too good to be true then it probably isn't.

We usually get a lot of customer feedback and hear many stories of bad experiences they've had in the past with their scrap metals but one of the worst stories we were told about was random van turning up at someones address and a man saying he was a scrap metal merchant and he would buy their metals, The person agreed to the price he offered and helped this man load his valuable metals on to the van, once all the metal was loaded the man just drove off without payment. 

We believe this scam happening quite often and would recommend members of the public to only use bonafide Scrap Metal Companies that they have found online, google and bing are both great ways of finding genuine licensed scrap metal companies also a recommended company is always good if it's coming from someone who regularly sells scrap metals, To be really safe you can even check on the Companies House website if a company is genuine or not, A very good scrap metal company like ours will be registered with companies house will also have a scrap metal dealers license plus and waste carriers license, To not become a victim of a scam this is the criteria you should be looking for from a scrap metal merchant.

In the title of this post we have put "if a scrap metal price seems to good to be true then it probably isn't" so that brings us to the next story that we have been told and that is these random bad guys that are going round in these random vans claiming to be scrap metal merchants are offering prices that are more than double the prices that we ourselves get as scrap merchants, We believe it is highly unlikely that the scrap prices they are offering will be paid as they will not have anywhere to resell those metals at a profit, We believe these prices are being offered as a bait then once the metals are loaded these bad guys will drive away without paying, we would recommend to everyone not to trust people, we have even seen people leave out free metals for these random metal collectors and seen them load the metal and fly-tip their waste where the metal was previously standing, We say it makes sense to just not do any business with these people and use a proper company there are lots of good scrap companies around even ask your local builder he or she will be able to point you in the right direction. Hopefully this post will prevent this scam happening to more people.   

You are always welcome use our services just give us a call on 07802780631 if we can't collect your metals we will always give you the contact details of the best scrap metal companies we know. 


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