Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Auto Scrap Metals and Values

If you are an owner of a car repair workshop then Scrap Metal would be something you see quite often, as it builds up so quick you would be more inclined to just give it away to a passing scrap collector.

Our advise would be to hang on to the most valuable items as you would see a steady monthly income flowing back into your motor repair business just by selling these items to a scrap metal merchant.

Car Scrap items worth selling as follows,

Car Batteries
Brake Discs
Gear Boxes
Car Looms
Alloy Wheels
Catalytic converters

Below is a list of items not worth hanging on to if you short of space,

Body panels
Exhaust systems

Reason being they are only light iron which is the least valuable type of metal and you would need 5-10 times more in weight to generate the same amount of money compared to the items on the other list.

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