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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Fridge Freezer Disposal

The Fly Tipping of Fridges and Freezers is becoming a big problem in the UK, This is due to the price of fridge disposal, Large companies like EMR are charging £35 per fridge or £600 per tonne minimum 200 kg if you have more than one fridge.  

As many members of the public are putting their Fridges and Freezers outside for the "Scrap Man" they are actually fly tipping without even realising it as the scrap man will not collect them.

We can now offer a more competitive Fridge / Freezer Disposal Service with prices starting from as little as £20.

We extend are services to other Hazardous items such as Tvs and Flourescent Tubes these are also items that should not be mixed with standard waste.

We used to recommend the council but now even the councils are either too expensive or just won't offer a collection service, This is case for commercial customers even if they only have a domestic fridge to dispose.

The Environment Agency requires business' to fill out a consignment note when disposing a commercial fridge or any other Hazardous waste we help you do the paperwork for this should you require the service. 

Your Fridges and Freezers will only go to reputable recycling centers as part of the service we can also offer a waste transfer note even if your are a domestic customer.

Lastly if you have a fridge or freezer to collect from outside your home but your not around to pay us don't worry we take card payments.