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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Waste Collection Service

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a competitive Waste Removal Service, This includes Builders Rubble, Garden Waste, Office Waste, Domestic & Commercial Waste Clearance.

We are now getting a better prices from a New Waste Transfer Station, Which will enable us to offer the best prices on the Market.

Call Today for a free Waste Removal quotation.


Monday, 7 October 2013

Hazardous Weee Disposal

As you may already know TV's, Monitors and Fridges come under the Hazardous Waste category, This is why we see these items are seen left out the front of people homes for days without being picked up by Scrap Collectors.

What sometimes happens is a rogue scrap collector will cut out the yolks (copper inside a tv) leaving a mess behind and they will sometimes cut off the compressors from the fridges and leave the rest of the fridge behind.

Sometimes when these items just disappear they will be picked up stripped then flytipped by rogue scrap collectors.

We can now offer a Fridge and Tv / Monitor disposal Service.

Our previous price of £70 plus vat for Fridges & Freezers has now come down to just £30 plus vat we will offer a Hazardous waste consignment note to Businesses so they comply with the EA legislation.

For Tv / Monitor disposal prices start at £10 plus vat per unit.

All hazardous weee waste is collected from our premises by an approved hazardous wee waste processor. 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Tungsten Carbide

It is not often we are asked the price of a Metal that we don't often see, When were asked the the price of Tungsten Carbide I was quite surprised to find out that Tungsten Carbide is worth more double the price of Copper.

Tungsten Carbide would have to be tested with an XRF gun first it is not a Metal that we could just buy straight away after an inspection, we would have to have it tested and valued.

I can say that we could offer £10 or more per Kg if the tests were positive and the markets were strong. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

1st October Scrap Metal Law Change.

As from October 1st it will be Law for all customers to provide a utility bill and photo id when selling Scrap Metal, The "No Cash for Scrap" law which had previous loopholes for "Scrap collectors" will have more enforcement and loopholes will close for good.

All scrap metal purchases (including free collections) will need a full paper trail of where bought and where sold and at what prices.

All scrap dealers would need to apply for the new licence by October 15th 2013, Scrap Collectors who do not have a premises license would need to have a separate license for each borough they choose work in. 

The fines for noncompliance are up to £5000.

With all this in mind there has been a huge mess up between the Government and the councils and many Councils have not even got the application forms ready, which means many scrap dealers will not even be able to apply on time meaning their business will be trading illegally  without them have any control over the situation.

In all fairness there are a few Councils like Hertfordshire who have been very quick with sending out letters and application forms.