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Sunday, 25 August 2013

The New Expensive Scrap Metal Collectors License

As many Scrap Collectors know back in December 2012 there was an amendment made to the scrap metal dealers act, this mean't all scrap collectors / dealers had to have a scrap metal dealers license as well as there being a ban on buying metal with cash.

From that time on The Police have arrested a few people and seized vehicles but only at a normal pace, however when the new scrap metal dealers license comes in to force towards the end of this year there will be many changes, The Police will be moving things up a pace as they will have more powers.

I have been given this information which I believe to be true by a scrap metal dealers licensing officer at one of the councils.     

Here are details of what the criteria is for a Scrap Metal Collector.

 A scrap metal collector will have to apply for a license in every single council area which he collects from for example: If a collector has a washing machine to pick up in Wembley he will need a scrap collectors license for Brent there will be a cost for these licenses they will range between £300 - £800.

If a scrap metal collector then goes to Hendon to pick up a cooker he will also need a license for the Borough Barnet at the same average cost.

As for as I know the application time begins on the first of October this year, other background information such as if a scrap metal collector has a criminal record or not this will be needed in the new application, a criminal record may result in a refusal of the new scrap metal dealers / collectors license.