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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Scrap metal reforms approved by Parliament

Metal recyclers will be subject to tougher licensing laws after the Scrap Metal Dealers Bill received final approval in Parliament yesterday (February 12).
The Bill aims to make it more difficult for criminals to trade stolen metal and will see stricter licensing requirements for scrap yards come into effect.
The Scrap Metal Dealers Bill will introduce reforms to the scrap metal trade
The Scrap Metal Dealers Bill will introduce reforms to the scrap metal trade
Key among the reforms is the closure of a loophole allowing itinerant traders to continue to pay cash for scrap metal, despite scrap yards being subject to a cashless system since December.
The Scrap Metal Dealers Bill was tabled by Conservative backbench MP Richard Ottaway as a Private Members Bill, which traditionally have little chance of making it into the statute book. However, Mr Ottaway’s Bill had the backing of opposition MPs and the Home Office, which helped ease its passage through Parliament.
The Bill is now due to receive Royal Assent, having received its Third Reading in the House of Lords yesterday.


Speaking following the third reading passage of the Bill in the House of Lords, Mr Ottaway said: “Today marks a significant victory for communities throughout the country. For too long they have provided rich feeding grounds for opportunistic thieves who know they can get rid of stolen metals at rogue or negligent scrap yards.
“Metal theft is no petty crime. It hits at the heart of our daily lives – grinding trains to a halt, cutting off power supplies to hospitals and other lifelines, stripping roofs off churches and schools at huge public expense.”


Among the measures introduced in the Bill, local authorities will be responsible for issuing a licence to trade in scrap metal. Councils will also have the power to revoke or suspend a licence.
"Councils have long been clear that we need a comprehensive and modern system for running the metal recycling industry, with a proper licensing system to hold scrapyards to account"
Councillor Mehboob Khan, LGA
In addition, the Environment Agency will be responsible for maintaining a register of all licensed scrap dealers in the UK, which will be made publicly available. And, it will also be a legal requirement for photographic proof of identity to be produced at the point of sale of scrap.
Police and local authorities will also be given greater powers to enter and inspect unlicensed scrap yards, with clause nine of the bill allowing entry to these premises with a court order.


The news has been welcomed by the Local Government Association (LGA), the body representing councils in the UK.
Councillor Mehboob Khan, chairman of the LGA's Safer and Stronger Communities Board, said: “This is excellent news for councils up and down the country who have suffered at the hands of unscrupulous metal thieves. The passing of this important Bill shows ministers have listened to the LGA and others who have long argued that action must be taken to tackle this blight on our communities. Thefts of scrap metal have been spiralling out of control, and this has been in no small part down to the lack of adequate legislation for regulating scrap yards.
“This will be a huge step towards tackling a national problem which has cost the country hundreds of millions of pounds and caused chaos, disruption and heartache for millions. By supporting Richard Ottaway's Bill, MPs of all political parties have recognised what a major issue this is.

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“Councils have long been clear that we need a comprehensive and modern system for running the metal recycling industry, with a proper licensing system to hold scrapyards to account.”
The Bill is expected to  receive Royal Assent before Easter.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Our Scrap Metal App

Here is a link to our Scrap Metal App





Saturday, 9 February 2013

Recent Posts

We have posted our price list in various Languages as we have found many of our customers are from various different Countries we hope this helps with getting a better understanding of the prices we pay for Scrap Metal.

We hope to post some more price lists for scrap metal soon. 

Price List ( German )

Preise Wir zahlen für Scrap Metal

Dry Helle Kupferdraht £3.40 - £4.20 pro Kilo.

Copper Tube £3.00 - £4.00 pro Kilo.

Nr. 2 Kupferdraht £3.20 - £4.00 pro Kilo.

Braziery £2.30 - £3.00 pro Kilo.

Messing £1.75 - £ 2,10 pro Kilo.

Car Batteries / Lead Acid Batteries £0.10p - £ 0.20p pro Kilo.

Household Electrical Cable £0.80p pro Kilo.

Singles Cable £0.80p - £1.20 pro Kilo.

Cat 5 Datenkabel £0.80p - £ 1,00 pro Kilo

Low Grade Cable £0.50p pro Kilo.

Blei £0.50p - £0.80p pro Kilo.

Stainless Steel £0.30p - £0.45p pro Kilo.

Aluminium £0.25p-£0.40 P pro Kilo.

Elektromotoren £ 0.20p pro Kilo.

Scrap Laptops £ 0.30p pro Kilo.

Schrott Leiterplatten £0.04p - £0.10p pro Kilo.

Zink £0.10p pro Kilo.

Air Con Units £0.10p pro Kilo.

Refining Alu (Part Ferrous) £ 0.10p pro Kilo.

Heavy Steel £0.05p pro Kilo.

Mixed Iron (Eisen) £0.04p pro Kilo.

Price List ( Czech )

Ceny platíme Scrap Metal

Suché Bright měděný drát  £3.40 libry -  £4.20 liber za kilo.

Copper Tube  £3.00 - £4.00 liber za kilo.

Č. 2 měděný drát £3.20 liber - £4.00 liber za kilo.

Braziery £2.30 libra - £3.00 liber za kilo.

Brass £1.75 libra -£ 2.10 liber za kilo.

Auto Baterie / olověných baterií Kč 0.10p-Kč 0.20p za kilogram.

Domácí elektrické kabely CZK 0.80p za kilogram.

Singles Cable Kč 0.80p-£ 1.20 liber za kilo.

Cat 5 Datový kabel  £0.80p -£1.00 liber za kilo

Nejnižší Grade Cable Kč 0.50p za kilogram.

Olovo Kč 0.50p-Kč 0.80p za kilogram.

Nerezová ocel Kč 0.30p-Kč 0.45p za kilogram.

Hliníkový Kč 0.25p-Kč 0.40p za kilogram.

Elektrické motory Ceny platíme Scrap Metal 0.20p za kilogram.

Šrot Notebooky £ 0.30p za kilogram.

Šrot obvody Kč 0.04p-Kč 0.10p za kilogram.

Zinek £ 0.10p za kilogram.

Air Con jednotky £ 0.10p za kilogram.

Rafinace Alu (část Železné) £ 0.10p za kilogram.

Heavy Steel Kč 0.05p za kilogram.

Smíšené Iron (železný) £0.04p za kilogram.

Price List ( Irish )

Praghsanna Íocfaimid Do Miotal Draimh

Wire Copper Dry Bright £ 3.40-£ 4.20 an cileagram.

Tube Copper £ 3.00-£ 4.00 an cileagram.

Uimh 2 Wire Copper £ 3.20-£ 4.00 an cileagram.

Braziery £ 2.30-£ 3.00 an cileagram.

Prás £ 1.75-£ 2.10 an cileagram.

Cadhnraí Cairr / Ceallraí Aigéad Luaidhe £ 0.10p-£ 0.20p an cileagram.

Cábla leictreacha tí £ 0.80p an cileagram.

Singles Cábla £ 0.80p-£ 1.20 an cileagram.

Cat 5 Sonraí Cábla £ 0.80p-£ 1.00 an cileagram

Cábla Grád Íseal £ 0.50p an cileagram.

Luaidhe £ 0.50p-£ 0.80p sa cileagram.

Cruach dhosmálta £ 0.30p-£ 0.45p an cileagram.

Alúmanam £ 0.25p-£ 0.40p an cileagram.

Motors Electric £ 0.20p an cileagram.

Ríomhairí Glúine Draimh £ 0.30p an cileagram.

Scrap cláir chiorcad £ 0.04p-£ 0.10p an cileagram.

Sinc £ 0.10p an cileagram.

Air Aonaid Con £ 0.10p an cileagram.

Beachtú Alu (Cuid Neamhfheiriúla) £ 0.10p an cileagram.

Cruach Trom £ 0.05p an cileagram.

Iarann ​​Measctha (Neamhfheiriúla) £ 0.04p an cileagram.

Price List ( Hungarian )

Árak fizetünk fémhulladék

Száraz Bright Rézhuzal £3.40 - £4.20 kilónként.

Copper Tube £3.00 - £4.00 kilónként.

No 2 Rézhuzal £3.20 - £4.00 kilónként.

Braziery £2.00 - £ 3.00 kilónként.

Brass £1.75 - £2.10 kilónként.

Autó Akkumulátorok / savas ólomakkumulátorok £ 0.10p - £0.20p kilónként.

Háztartási Elektromos kábel £0.80p kilónként.

Egyszeri Cable £0.80p - £1.20 kilónként.

Cat 5 Data Cable £0.80p-£1.00 kilónként

Olcsó Grade Cable £0.50p kilónként.

Ólom £0.50p - £0.80p kilónként.

Stainless Steel £0.30p-Ft 0.45p kilónként.

Aluminium £0.25p - £ 0.40p kilónként.

Elektromos motorok £0.20p kilónként.

Scrap Laptop £0.30p kilónként.

Fémhulladék áramköröket £0.04p - £0.10p kilónként.

Cink £0.10p kilónként.

Con Air egységek £0.10p kilónként.

Feldolgozás Alu (Part Vas) £0.10p kilónként.

Heavy Steel £0.05p kilónként.

Vegyes Iron (Vas) £0.04p kilónként.

Price List ( Lithuanian )

Kainos mes mokame už metalo laužo

Sausas Bright Copper Wire £ 3.40 £ 4.20 už kilogramą.

Copper Tube £ 3.00 £ 4.00 už kilogramą.

Ne 2 Copper Wire £4.00  £3.20 Lt už kilogramą.

Braziery £2.0 Lt už kilogramą  £3.00.

Žalvaris £1.75 £2.10 už kilogramą.

Automobilių Baterijos / švino rūgštinių baterijų £0.10p - £ 0.20p už kilogramą.

Buitiniai elektros kabelis £ 0.80p už kilogramą.

Pažinčių Kabelinė £ 0.80p-£ 1.20 už kilogramą.

Cat 5 Duomenų kabeliai £0.80p - £1.00 už kilogramą

Žemas Įvertinimas Kabelinė £0.50p už kilogramą.

Švinas £ 0.50p-£ 0.80p už kilogramą.

Nerūdijančio plieno £0.30p - £0.45p už kilogramą.

Aliuminio £0.25p - £0.40p už kilogramą.

Elektriniai varikliai £0.20p už kilogramą.

Laužas Nešiojamieji kompiuteriai £0.30p už kilogramą.

Laužas grandinių plokštes £0.04p - £0.10p už kilogramą.

Cinko £0.10p už kilogramą.

Oro Con vienetai £0.10p už kilogramą.

Rafinavimas Alu (Part Juodųjų) £0.10p už kilogramą.

Sunkiasvorių plieno £0.05p už kilogramą.

Jungtinis Geležis (Geležies) £0.04p už kilogramą.

Price List ( Latvian )

Cenas mēs maksājam par metāllūžņiem

Sausa Bright Vara stieple £3.40 -£ 4.20 par kilogramu.

Vara cauruļu £3.00 - £ 4.00 par kilogramu.

Nav 2 Vara stieple £3.20 - £4.00 par kilogramu.

Braziery £2.30 - £ 3.00 kilogramu.

Misiņa £1.75 - £2.10 par kilogramu.

Auto Baterijas / svina skābes akumulatori £0.10p - £ 0.20p par kilogramu.

Mājsaimniecības elektrības kabelis LVL 0.80p par kilogramu.

Singles kabelis £0.80p - £1.20 par kilogramu.

Cat 5 Datu kabelis £0.80p - £1.00 par kilogramu

Zemas kvalitātes kabelis LVL 0.50p par kilogramu.

Svina £ 0.50p-£ 0.80p par kilogramu.

Nerūsējošā tērauda LVL 0.30p-£ 0.45p par kilogramu.

Alumīnija LVL 0.25p - £ 0.40p par kilogramu.

Elektromotori LVL 0.20p par kilogramu.

Metāllūžņu Portatīvie LVL 0.30p par kilogramu.

Lūžņi plates £0.04p - £ 0.10p par kilogramu.

Cinka LVL 0.10p par kilogramu.

Gaisa Con Vienības £ 0.10p par kilogramu.

Rafinēšana Alu (daļa Dzelzs) £ 0.10p par kilogramu.

Smags tērauda LVL 0.05p par kilogramu.

Jaukta Dzelzs (Dzelzs) £ 0.04p par kilogramu.

Price List ( Bulgarian )

Цени, които плащат за скрап

Химическо Bright медна жица £ 3.40 £ 4.20 за килограм.

Медна тръба £ 3.00 £ 4.00 за килограм.

№ 2 медни проводници £ 3.20-£ 4,00 за килограм.

Braziery £ 2.30 £ 3.00 за килограм.

Духов £ 1.75-£ 2,10 за килограм.

Автомобилни акумулатори / оловни акумулатори £ 0.10p-£ 0.20p за килограм.

Битови електрически кабел £ 0.80p за килограм.

Singles Кабел £ 0.80p-£ 1,20 за килограм.

Cat 5 кабел за данни £ 0.80p-£ 1,00 за килограм

Нисък клас кабел £ 0.50p за килограм.

Олово £ 0.50p-£ 0.80p за килограм.

Неръждаема стомана £ 0.30p £ 0.45p за килограм.

Алуминий £ 0.25p £ 0.40p за килограм.

Електромотори £ 0.20p за килограм.

Скрап Лаптопи £ 0.30p за килограм.

Скрап платки £ 0.04p-£ 0.10p за килограм.

Цинк £ 0.10p за килограм.

Air Con единици £ 0.10p за килограм.

Refining Alu (черни) £ 0.10p за килограм.

Heavy Steel £ 0.05p за килограм.

Смесен желязо (цветни) £ 0.04p за килогр

Price List ( Ukrainian )

Ціни ми платимо за металобрухтом

Сухі Яскравий мідний дріт £ 3.40-£ 4,20 за кілограм.

Мідна труба £ 3.00-£ 4,00 за кілограм.

№ 2 мідного дроту £ 3.20-£ 4,00 за кілограм.

Braziery £ 2.30-£ 3,00 за кілограм.

Латунна £ 1,75 - £ 2,10 за кілограм.

Автомобільні акумулятори / свинцево-кислотних батарей £ 0.10p-£ 0.20p за кілограм.

Побутові електричні кабельні £ 0.80p за кілограм.

Знайомства кабельного £ 0.80p-£ 1,20 за кілограм.

Cat 5 кабель для передачі даних £ 0.80p-£ 1,00 за кілограм

Низький клас кабельного £ 0.50p за кілограм.

Ведучий £ 0.50p-£ 0.80p за кілограм.

Нержавіюча сталь £ 0.30p-£ 0.45p за кілограм.

Алюмінієві £ 0.25p-£ 0.40p за кілограм.

Електродвигуни £ 0.20p за кілограм.

Лом Ноутбуки £ 0.30p за кілограм.

Лом плат £ 0.04p-£ 0.10p за кілограм.

Цинк £ 0.10p за кілограм.

Кондиціонер одиниць £ 0.10p за кілограм.

Переробка алюмінію (частина чорних) £ 0.10p за кілограм.

Сталевий £ 0.05p за кілограм.

Змішані заліза (чорні) £ 0.04p за кілограм.

Price List ( Russian )

Цены мы платим за металлоломом

Сухие Яркий медная проволока £ 3.40-£ 4,20 за килограмм.

Медная труба £ 3.00-£ 4,00 за килограмм.

№ 2 медной проволоки £ 3.20-£ 4,00 за килограмм.

Braziery £ 2.30-£ 3,00 за килограмм.

Латунная £ 1,75-£ 2,10 за килограмм.

Автомобильные аккумуляторы / свинцово-кислотных батарей £ 0.10p-£ 0.20p за килограмм.

Бытовые электрические кабельные £ 0.80p за килограмм.

Знакомства кабельного £ 0.80p-£ 1,20 за килограмм.

Cat 5 кабель для передачи данных £ 0.80p-£ 1,00 за килограмм

Низкий класс кабельного £ 0.50p за килограмм.

Ведущий £ 0.50p-£ 0.80p за килограмм.

Нержавеющая сталь £ 0.30p-£ 0.45p за килограмм.

Алюминиевые £ 0.25p-£ 0.40p за килограмм.

Электродвигатели £ 0.20p за килограмм.

Лом Ноутбуки £ 0.30p за килограмм.

Лом плат £ 0.04p-£ 0.10p за килограмм.

Цинк £ 0.10p за килограмм.

Кондиционер единиц £ 0.10p за килограмм.

Переработка алюминия (часть черных) £ 0.10p за килограмм.

Стальной £ 0.05p за килограмм.

Смешанные железа (черные) £ 0.04p за килограмм.

Price List ( Polish )

Ceny, jaką płacimy za złomu

Dry Bright Copper Wire £ 3.40-£ 4.20 za kilogram.

Copper Tube £ 3.00-£ 4.00 za kilogram.

No 2 Copper Wire £ 3.20-£ 4.00 za kilogram.

Braziery £ 2.30-£ 3.00 za kilogram.

Brass £ 1.75-£ 2.10 za kilogram.

Akumulatory samochodowe / akumulatorów kwasowo-ołowiowych £ 0.10p-£ 0.20p za kilogram.

Bytowe Kabel elektryczny £ 0.80p za kilogram.

Single Cable £ 0.80p-£ 1,20 za kilogram.

Cat 5 kabel danych £ 0.80p-£ 1,00 za kilogram

Niski stopień Cable £ 0.50p za kilogram.

Ołów £ 0.50p-£ 0.80p za kilogram.

Stal nierdzewna-£ £ 0.30p 0.45p za kilogram.

Aluminium £ 0.25p-£ 0.40p za kilogram.

Silniki elektryczne £ 0.20p za kilogram.

Laptopy złom £ 0.30p za kilogram.

Złom obwodów £ 0.04p-£ 0.10p za kilogram.

Cynk £ 0.10p za kilogram.

Klimatyzacja Jednostki £ 0.10p za kilogram.

Refining Alu (część żelaza) £ 0.10p za kilogram.

Ciężkie stalowe £ 0.05p za kilogram.

Mixed Iron (żelazo) £ 0.04p za kilogram.

Price List ( Romanian )

Prețurile Noi plătim pentru deseuri metalice

Uscată sarma de cupru Bright RON £3.40 RON £4.20-pe kilogram.

Tube cupru £3.00-£4.00 RON pe kilogram.

Nr 2 sarma de cupru £3.20 RON £4.00 RON-per kilogram.

Braziery £ 2.30-£ 3.00 per kilogram.

Alamă RON £1.75 RON £2.10-pe kilogram.

Baterii / Baterii auto plumb £0.10p - £0.20p pe kilogram.

Cablu electric de uz casnic £ 0.80p pe kilogram.

Simplu cablu £0.80p-£1,20 pe kilogram.

Cat 5 cablu de date RON 0.80p-£1,00 pe kilogram

Televiziune prin cablu Minima Grad RON 0.50p pe kilogram.

Plumb £ 0.50p-£ 0.80p pe kilogram.

Stainless Steel RON 0.30p-£ 0.45p pe kilogram.

Aluminiu RON 0,25 p-£ 0.40p pe kilogram.

Motoare electrice £ 0.20p pe kilogram.

Laptop-uri resturi RON 0.30p pe kilogram.

Resturi de circuite £ 0.04p-£ 0.10p pe kilogram.

Zinc RON 0.10p pe kilogram.

Unități de aer Con £ 0.10p pe kilogram.

Rafinare Alu (partea feroase) £ 0.10p pe kilogram.

Metal Heavy RON 0.05p pe kilogram.

Fier mixt (feroase) £ 0.04p pe kilogram.

Price List (Albanian)

Çmimet ne të paguajnë për hekurishte

Thatë Wire bakri Bright 3,40 £ £ 4,20-per kilogram.

Tube bakrit 3,00 £  £ 4,00-per kilogram.

Nr 2 Wire bakri 3,20 £  £ 4,00-per kilogram.

Braziery £2,30   £ 3,00-per kilogram.

Bronzi £1,75  £ 2,10-per kilogram.

Bateritë e makinave / bateri të çojë acid £ £ 0.10p-0.20p për kilogram.

Cable shtëpiake elektrike £ 0.80p për kilogram.

Teke Cable £ 0.80p-£ 1,20 për kilogram.

Cat 5 Data Cable £ 0.80p-£ 1,00 për kilogram

Cable klasa e ulët £ 0.50p për kilogram.

Lead £ £ 0.50p-0.80p për kilogram.

Stainless Steel £ £ 0.30p-0.45p për kilogram.

Alumini £ £ 0.25p-0.40p për kilogram.

Electric Motors £ 0.20p për kilogram.

Laptopë skrap £ 0.30p për kilogram.

Skrape bordet e qark £ £ 0.04p-0.10p për kilogram.

Zink £ 0.10p për kilogram.

Njësitë Air Con £ 0.10p për kilogram.

Rafinimi Alu (Pjesa ngjyra) £ 0.10p për kilogram.

Çeliku të rëndë £ 0.05p për kilogram.

Hekuri përziera (me ngjyra) £ 0.04p për kilogram.