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Friday, 28 December 2012

Weigh & Pay Scrap Collection Sevice

We are offering a Weigh & Pay Collection to Customers throughout London & Hertfordshire, During busy times we mainly offer this service to customers selling non-ferrous metals weighing from 20kg and above, We are proud to say we are one of the quickest paying Companies in the Scrap Metal Recycling Business.

We use on the spot telephone banking and the call usually takes 4 minutes, funds will reach your bank account instantly, on the rare occasion within 2 hours.   

Friday, 21 December 2012

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We will be doing some trading over the Christmas holiday however we will only buying Non-Ferrous Metals till January 3rd.

We will be open for Business 22nd, 23rd, 24th December, 

25th / 26th December closed.

Open 27th / 28th / 29th / 30th / 31st December.   

Closed 1st January 2013

From 2nd January Onwards Business as usual, In the New Year we will be offering a Cable Strip Out service by qualified electricians.   

Friday, 30 November 2012

Last Chance to be paid Cash

On Monday 3rd December all Cash payments for Scrap Metal will become illegal, you will be able to sell us your Scrap Metal this final weekend for cash and we will be operating Saturday & Sunday till 7pm.

After the deadline we will be paying by cheque or electronic payments and will be open for business Monday to Sunday till late.  

Friday, 19 October 2012

December 3rd 2012 Cashless Payments

From December 3rd 2012 we will not be able to pay for your metal with cash! a cheque or an electronic payment will be the only method we will be able to offer.

More info on amended scrap metal dealers laws below.

From 3rd December 2012, changes to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 will make it illegal to pay cash for scrap metal.  BMRA has issued a poster for use across the industry explaining the change to customers; click here to download a copy of the poster.  

If you are paid in cash for scrap metal you are most likely to be colluding in illegal activity.

Here are the Direct Contact Details of the Police Officer who can advise you on this matter.

Mike Ganly
DC 3713 (Cable/Metal Theft Investigation Team)

British Transport Police
AHQ London North
423-425 Caledonian Road, London, N7 9BQ

DX 153260 Lower Holloway 2



Tuesday, 25 September 2012

We Have Updated Our Scrap Metal Price List

Prices We Pay For Scrap Metal

Dry Bright Copper Wire £3.40-£4.20 per kilo.

Copper Tube £3.00-£4.00 per kilo.

No 2 Copper Wire £3.20-£4.00 per kilo.

Braziery £2.30-£3.00 per kilo.

Brass £1.75-£2.10 per kilo.

Car Batteries/Lead Acid Batteries £0.10p-£0.20p per kilo.

Household Electrical Cable £0.80p per kilo.

Singles Cable £0.80p-£1.20 per kilo.

Cat 5 Data Cable £0.80p-£1.00 per kilo

Low Grade Cable £0.50p per kilo.

Lead £0.50p-£0.80p per Kilo.

Stainless Steel £0.30p-£0.45p per kilo.

Aluminium £0.25p-£0.40p per kilo.

Electric Motors £0.20p per kilo.

Scrap Laptops £0.30p per kilo.

Scrap circuit boards £0.04p-£0.10p per kilo.

Zinc £0.10p per kilo.

Air Con Units £0.10p per kilo.

Refining Alu  (Part Ferrous) £0.10p per kilo.

Heavy Steel £0.05p per kilo.

Mixed Iron (Ferrous) £0.04p per kilo.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Domestic Fridge / Freezer Disposal

Fridges and Freezers have been banned from Scrap Yards for some time now due to the gases that are used to keep them cool, however we have found a useful link which may help you get these items removed at a fair rate.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Scrap Data Cable

In the past couple of weeks I have warned builders not to skip data cable as it is just as valuable as any other household cable, unfortunately I was too late and they had already paid to skip it.

The above picture is an example of the type of cable we buy, if you look closely you will see C5 written on the cable this means  Cat 5, We also buy Cat 6, We pay 80p per kilo = 800 Pounds per tonne.

Fibre optic data cable has no copper inside therefore has no value, As a guide fibre optic cable is usually orange and has writting to let you know that it is fibre optic cable.



Monday, 13 August 2012

Metal Recycling Do's & Don't's

Don't collect metal pressurised containers especially gas bottles most Scrap Yards will reject them as they can explode when the metal is melted down.

Scrap Metal Dealers will accept containers that have had pressure valves removed, however do not attempt this with gas bottles.

Don't collect aluminium beer barrels even if they are offered for free, in the eyes of the law this is metal theft and heavy fines would be imposed.

Beer Barrels are the property of the brewery they came from and must go back where they came from.

Don't collect fridges or freezers for recycling they are now banned from all scrap yards.

Don't collect shopping trolleys for recycling unless you have had permission and a covering letter from the store they belong to.

Don't collect TV's they are also banned from scrap yards.

Don't collect metal wheels that still have tyres most scrap yards will reject them.

You may be able to get a local tyre fitter to remove and dispose the tyres however the cost may out weigh what the actual metal is worth so charging for wheels with tyres attached is recommended.  

Don't collect or purchase BT cable it is also illegal, BT cable looks a bit like lead pipe it has lots of thin copper strands within the lead outer casing.

Don't collect metal safes although they seem like a heavy lump of metal they are also banned from Scrap Yards, the reason being safes usually contain fireproof cement within the outer casing which contaminates the metal.

Some scrap yards may be able to remove the fireproof cement with heavy machinery however there would more than likely be a cost for this service.


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Amazing facts about Aluminium Recycling

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a 100-watt bulb for 20 hours, a computer for 3 hours, or a TV for 2 hours.

We sometimes buy up to 300 kilos of aluminium for recycling in just one transaction, If one can saves that amount of energy then what our company recycles throughout the year must be doing a great job in saving our energy resources.

Due to price rises of metal, cardboard and clothes the recycling facilities we now have in London are excellent, however it would be good to see a few tyre shredding companies in London that actually pay for the tyres, it would also be very good if we had scrap yards in London that deal in plastics, at present plastic has a very low export value so there is no real incentive for companies to collect it for recycling.

Maybe in a fews years plastics and car tyres will have a value fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Buying Scrap Metal

We often receive phone calls and emails asking whether we can buy just one single item such as a cooker or a washing machine unfortunately as a collection service it just is not viable for us to do this as the profit would not even cover our diesel costs.

If you are selling ferrous metal then we will only buy if your have over 250 kilos within 3 miles of the London NW9 area, if your live more than 3 miles then we will only buy 500 kilos upwards.

However we will buy a small amount of ferrous metal if we are already buying non ferrous metals from your site, home etc. 

We do still offer a free scrap metal collection service for anything we cannot buy, If we can buy your ferrous metal then we will pay 4 pence for every kilo we purchase which equals to 40 pounds for every metric tonne.
If you are unsure what ferrous metal is the best way to find out is by checking with a magnet, If a magnet sticks then it is ferrous metal, if the magnet does not stick then it is non-ferrous.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Text Message is the best form of communication.

As we are a Mobile Scrap Metal Service we sometimes find it difficult to pick up the phone as we may be driving or on a noisy Building Site (loading our van) or we may just be busy with another customer, So to make communication run more smoothly we would recommend sending a free text message using the Free Text Widget which is on the right hand side of the this website, don't forget to include your phone number in the Text Message.

A Text Message also helps us with getting the right address and postcode when booking a collection, as we all know a bad telephone line can lead to miscommunication which can cost everyone time and even money.

However you could still try ringing us on 07802780631 or 07411995536 and we will do our best to answer your call straight away.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Household Cable is well worth scrapping.

Many people make the mistake of throwing rolls of electrical cable away thinking it's worthless, the fact is Scrap Electrical Cable is worth more than Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Zinc and Lead so it is recommended to sell your cable as Scrap rather than throw it away.

Here's the two most logical reasons to Scrap unwanted cable.

1, You will be paid money which is helpful.
2, Recycling is good for the Environment.

Call or Text us Today to order a Weigh and Pay Collection Service 07802780631.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mobile Scrap Metal Service Proving to be Popular.

Over the past few weeks we have had lots of good feedback from happy customers, many were impressed that we pointed out each type of metal and weighed them separately, Our customers received the full value of their Metal and were very happy with the amount we paid for the metals.

Our Mobile Scrap Metal Service means we bring the Scrap Yard to you, This saves time and the hassle of waiting in long queues, A busy Scrap Yard would not have the time to help you sort through your metals.

We use precision digital scales which weigh to the nearest 0.05 of a Kg which means if you have 1.50kg of Copper that is exactly what you would be paid for whereas many of the large scrap metal dealers scales are set to the nearest Kg which means you could lose out on the value 0.50kg, So our precision Digital Scales do ensure we give you the best price possible. 

 You Can View our Price List on our other site 

Due to the rise and fall of Metal Prices there maybe some slight differences in the listed price and the current Metal Price which we are offering. 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

How To Get The Best Price For Your Scrap Metal.

To get the best price when selling your Non-Ferrous Metals it is always best to "Clean" your Metals first, the term clean means getting the Scrap Metal as pure as possible.

Here are a few tips on how to clean your Scrap Metals.

1, Copper Cylinders are only classed as Braziery as they have lots of Brass fittings, Many Scrap Metal Merchants will also deduct a few kilos from the weight for limescale inside the cylinder.

To get the best price for your copper cylinder firstly remove all the insulation covering then cut the cylinder into 2 halves then remove all the Brass fittings that are still attached, Copper is quite a soft metal and a hand axe will cut straight through after 2 or 3 strong blows, there will be sharp edges so protective gloves, eyewear & boots are best.

2, Remove all Brass fittings from Copper Pipes, Most Scrap Metal Dealers will pay between 60p-1 Pound less for Braziery which makes a big difference if you have a large amount to sell.

The fastest way to remove the Brass fittings would be to strike the copper tube 3-4 times near to the fitting with a hand axe then bend the fitting back and forth few times till it snaps away from the copper tube.  

3, Most Wire which has a thick copper core is worth stripping however we would not recommend trying to strip ordinary electrical cable (VIR) this very time consuming plus plastic which is stripped away almost weighs the same as the Dry Bright Copper that you have stripped out so unless your have the right equipment we would say it is best to sell VIR as it is. 

4, Electric Motors are worth more than double the price of Light Iron so we would recommend removing Electric Motors from the Machinery then selling them separately.

5, One of the most important Tools to a Scrap Metal Dealer is a Magnet as most Non-Ferrous Metals are Non-Magnetic, So it is recommended before you sell your Scrap Metal that you check over all your Metals with a magnet and cut away or unbolt the Non-Magnetic Metals to sell separately, If this cannot be separated then you can still sell your Metal as (IRONY ALLY) which is a term used for a Mixture of Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Metal the price is double that of Light Iron & Steel, however the percentage of Non Ferrous would have to be at least 75 percent of the overall weight to be accepted.    

We are Mobile Scrap Metal Dealers and will buy your Scrap Metal from your Home, Office or Place of Work.

Call Today For More Information 07411995536 or 07802780631

Send an Email to           

Thursday, 19 January 2012

We Buy Car Batteries-Copper-Lead-Brass-Cable-Stainless Steel -London-Area

Here are some of the Valuable Scrap Metals which we can purchase directly from you anywhere in London.

Batteries £1 each.

Copper £3 per Kilo.


Lead £0.40p per Kilo.

Brass £1.75 per Kilo.


Electrical Cable £0.80p per Kilo

Stainless Steel £0.30p per Kilo

Aluminium £0.25 per Kilo