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Friday, 20 May 2011

Price List Update.

We are happy to report that there is no price increase since the last price list, which was published some time ago. 

Prices start at 10 pounds.

Mixed Waste..................................180 pounds for a 14 yard load. 

Generous discounts applied on any metal or other waste that can be recycled, also light loads cost less to dispose therefore we will also pass on those discounts to give you value for money. 

Hardcore/bricks, soil & rubble......40 pounds for every 15 builders bags.

Green Waste..................................100 pounds per Load   

Cardboard/ Paper..........................100 pounds per Load

Plastics..........................................100 pounds per Load


Saturday, 14 May 2011


You can now view our facebook page on the link below.!/profile.php?id=100002425771809

People often ask me where does all the metal up end up? 

It is firstly taken to a recycling site like the one in the picture by smaller vans and lorries where it is then loaded into the larger lorries, where it is then taken to an even bigger recycling site where the metal is loaded into larger containers ready to be exported to other Countries where metal is in high demand.    

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Why we recommend clearing your waste sooner rather than later!

Since 1996 when the Landfill tax was first introduced we have seen a yearly rise in the cost of disposing waste, the link below gives more information on how the price of waste clearance is set to rocket in future years.

We only dispose the minimum amount of waste the rest is separated for recycling, to save time most other companies will just load and dump which in all fairness is much quicker, however we prefer our own methods as it keeps down our running costs which helps us give you value for your money.

Fridges and Freezers


Fridges and Freezers can not be taken for recycling due to the gases they contain unfortunately this means we can not do a free collection, we often recommend using your local council their prices are usually pretty reasonable for these items.

If you are at a commercial property they may not be able to help, we could give you more advice on what to do next 07802-780-631 Steve.  

Green Waste

As Green Waste is also recycled it is cheaper for us to dispose than mixed general waste, therefore we can give you better prices for clearing it, Here's some examples of what is classed as Green Waste, Tree Branches, Hedge Cuttings, Grass Cuttings and basically anything else to do with plants or weeds.

As a rough guide we would be more than 60% cheaper than a skip to load and dispose your Green Waste however to keep these prices it is always a good idea to bag up whatever you can before hand to make the job less labour intensive. 

Car Batteries

We pay one pound cash for each of your end of life Car Batteries there is no minimum or maximum amount that we will can collect.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Second Hand Furniture

If you have items of furniture to clear it is usually a good idea not to break them up as intact pieces of furniture could be given a new home rather than ending up in a landfill, we reduce the cost for any furniture that is reusable.   
Here's a price guide,   

3 piece Suites- 35 Pounds 
Double Beds-   30 Pounds 
Single Beds-    20 Pounds     

Just for reference there are new laws that do not allow second hand furniture retailers to sell the above items without fire safety labels. 

Cardboard and Paper Recycling.

Here's some advice on clearing large amounts of paper, we would recommend to bag all the paper separately to the other waste then stack the bags in a different pile.

The cardboard can also be stacked in a pile completely separate to the other waste. 

Once paper and cardboard is separated we can then properly calculate the cost of disposing your waste, If we see that the majority of your waste is paper and cardboard you will receive generous discounts to the price you are quoted. 

How we can save you money.

Almost all the waste we clear is recycled this keeps down our costs we then pass the Saving on to you!
Here is some guidance on how to organise your waste for maximum savings. 

Bricks, Soil, Clay, Roof Tiles and Ceramics such as Tiles, Sinks as Toilets, should not be mixed with other Waste, In the business the rubbish tip recognise this as "Clean Hardcore" and a reduced rate is applied. 

For Hardcore we charge 40 pounds for every 15 bulders bags this suits many customers who do not need to order a large skip.  

Free Scrap Metal Collections

Due to the rise in the price of Scrap Metals we now offer a free scrap metal clearance service and in some cases will give you Cash for certain Metals such as Lead,Copper and Brass.