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Earn free money from surfing the web
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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Most scrap companies don't want discarded skips

Had a strange call today from a land owner offering me some free metal and quite a lot of it, Ok sounds good what's the catch.

Well it was a skip that had not been paid for by the builder, so by the sounds of it skip company were refusing to collect it until they were paid, the land owner rather than take on the liabilty as this is his land and pay for the skip thought it would be wise to contact Scrap Metal companies and offer this skip (which was full of waste by the way) for free, obviously no scrap companies would take the skip as it would be classed as stolen goods and even if the skip company said "ok you can have the skip", the price to get rid of the waste inside the skip would cost triple if not 4 times more than the metal is actually worth.

The mind boggles at what lengths people will go to save parting with their money.    

Unfortunately this is not the first time we had a call like this, We also get a lot of calls from people living in some of the most exclusive postcodes in London asking for washing machines and white goods to be collected from their properties for free, When we have explained this is not viable and we need to charge as the price of iron is too low, These same people will try to turn the call into an argument and act like it's their given right to have it collected for free and also act as though the small charge of £30-£40 is like their parting with £1000's of pounds, We are very grateful to iphone which allows us to block these people and never hear from them again.

Here is a link to more information about why we have to charge to collect certain metals.

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