Thursday, 12 January 2017

Scrap Copper and Lead Prices on the Rise.

The last few month have been quite promising for the scrap metal industry, metal prices have been rising and only dropping back off slightly keeping consistently fair prices on non ferrous material.

There was a spike in metal prices straight after Brexit as the pound dropped this made the metal prices rise,  the US elections and Donald Trump been voted in has also helped also caused a rise in metal prices as markets went into chaos, Ferrous metals have also started rising again this could be a good sign for British steel.

I forecast that metal prices will hit all time high in March 2017 when Britain leaves the European Union, This would be very good for Scrap Metal Merchants and will also lead to customers getting much better prices, possibly the whole country will benefit as metals are exported it would mean more money coming in to the country so good all round.   

Also lets not forget the rising oil prices this is also helping the metal prices rise, so it's all looking very positive in the metal recycling industry at the moment, if you would like to sell any metals that you have give us a call at our Wembley Scrap Yard on 0208-903-3551     

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