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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Send Your Scrap by Parcel


We are now offering and "new post your scrap" service for a limited trial period.

Available for.

*Copper starting at  £3 per kg
*Brass starting at  £2 per kg
*Cable starting at  £1 per kg

We have noticed that many customers only have a small amount of copper but are unable to bring it over to us due to distance, Somtimes we are also unable to help our customers as the collection address is to far and unfortunately leads to a situation where we cannot buy the metal, so this why we have decided starting from today to offer this new service.

Here is a link to a website where you can get the cheapest quote to send your metal by parcel,   


STEP 1, 

Weigh your metal and also send a picture, we can then give you an quotation for your metal.


Cut your metal to below 24" or  610 mm, there is no need to cut cable as it can be folded.


Package your Metal in a strong box using lots of tape, Make sure there are no sharp edges that could rip through, this way it can be collected and delivered safely.

STEP 4, 

Go to  for a quote to send your parcel, send the parcel to Potters Bar Recycling Ltd 49 The Service Rd Herts EN6 1QA.


Email your tracking number and contact to  

We will contact you as soon as we receive your parcel, After we have checked your metal we will let you know the final price, Then we will arrange to send a bank transfer, we will need bank details and valid id before we can release a payment.

*we reserve the right to refuse any metal we think may be stolen, We also do not cover the cost of any metal that has to be sent back due to price disagreement. 

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