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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

1st October Scrap Metal Law Change.

As from October 1st it will be Law for all customers to provide a utility bill and photo id when selling Scrap Metal, The "No Cash for Scrap" law which had previous loopholes for "Scrap collectors" will have more enforcement and loopholes will close for good.

All scrap metal purchases (including free collections) will need a full paper trail of where bought and where sold and at what prices.

All scrap dealers would need to apply for the new licence by October 15th 2013, Scrap Collectors who do not have a premises license would need to have a separate license for each borough they choose work in. 

The fines for noncompliance are up to £5000.

With all this in mind there has been a huge mess up between the Government and the councils and many Councils have not even got the application forms ready, which means many scrap dealers will not even be able to apply on time meaning their business will be trading illegally  without them have any control over the situation.

In all fairness there are a few Councils like Hertfordshire who have been very quick with sending out letters and application forms.

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