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Monday, 13 August 2012

Metal Recycling Do's & Don't's

Don't collect metal pressurised containers especially gas bottles most Scrap Yards will reject them as they can explode when the metal is melted down.

Scrap Metal Dealers will accept containers that have had pressure valves removed, however do not attempt this with gas bottles.

Don't collect aluminium beer barrels even if they are offered for free, in the eyes of the law this is metal theft and heavy fines would be imposed.

Beer Barrels are the property of the brewery they came from and must go back where they came from.

Don't collect fridges or freezers for recycling they are now banned from all scrap yards.

Don't collect shopping trolleys for recycling unless you have had permission and a covering letter from the store they belong to.

Don't collect TV's they are also banned from scrap yards.

Don't collect metal wheels that still have tyres most scrap yards will reject them.

You may be able to get a local tyre fitter to remove and dispose the tyres however the cost may out weigh what the actual metal is worth so charging for wheels with tyres attached is recommended.  

Don't collect or purchase BT cable it is also illegal, BT cable looks a bit like lead pipe it has lots of thin copper strands within the lead outer casing.

Don't collect metal safes although they seem like a heavy lump of metal they are also banned from Scrap Yards, the reason being safes usually contain fireproof cement within the outer casing which contaminates the metal.

Some scrap yards may be able to remove the fireproof cement with heavy machinery however there would more than likely be a cost for this service.


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