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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Buying Scrap Metal

We often receive phone calls and emails asking whether we can buy just one single item such as a cooker or a washing machine unfortunately as a collection service it just is not viable for us to do this as the profit would not even cover our diesel costs.

If you are selling ferrous metal then we will only buy if your have over 250 kilos within 3 miles of the London NW9 area, if your live more than 3 miles then we will only buy 500 kilos upwards.

However we will buy a small amount of ferrous metal if we are already buying non ferrous metals from your site, home etc. 

We do still offer a free scrap metal collection service for anything we cannot buy, If we can buy your ferrous metal then we will pay 4 pence for every kilo we purchase which equals to 40 pounds for every metric tonne.
If you are unsure what ferrous metal is the best way to find out is by checking with a magnet, If a magnet sticks then it is ferrous metal, if the magnet does not stick then it is non-ferrous.

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