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Saturday, 9 June 2012

How To Get The Best Price For Your Scrap Metal.

To get the best price when selling your Non-Ferrous Metals it is always best to "Clean" your Metals first, the term clean means getting the Scrap Metal as pure as possible.

Here are a few tips on how to clean your Scrap Metals.

1, Copper Cylinders are only classed as Braziery as they have lots of Brass fittings, Many Scrap Metal Merchants will also deduct a few kilos from the weight for limescale inside the cylinder.

To get the best price for your copper cylinder firstly remove all the insulation covering then cut the cylinder into 2 halves then remove all the Brass fittings that are still attached, Copper is quite a soft metal and a hand axe will cut straight through after 2 or 3 strong blows, there will be sharp edges so protective gloves, eyewear & boots are best.

2, Remove all Brass fittings from Copper Pipes, Most Scrap Metal Dealers will pay between 60p-1 Pound less for Braziery which makes a big difference if you have a large amount to sell.

The fastest way to remove the Brass fittings would be to strike the copper tube 3-4 times near to the fitting with a hand axe then bend the fitting back and forth few times till it snaps away from the copper tube.  

3, Most Wire which has a thick copper core is worth stripping however we would not recommend trying to strip ordinary electrical cable (VIR) this very time consuming plus plastic which is stripped away almost weighs the same as the Dry Bright Copper that you have stripped out so unless your have the right equipment we would say it is best to sell VIR as it is. 

4, Electric Motors are worth more than double the price of Light Iron so we would recommend removing Electric Motors from the Machinery then selling them separately.

5, One of the most important Tools to a Scrap Metal Dealer is a Magnet as most Non-Ferrous Metals are Non-Magnetic, So it is recommended before you sell your Scrap Metal that you check over all your Metals with a magnet and cut away or unbolt the Non-Magnetic Metals to sell separately, If this cannot be separated then you can still sell your Metal as (IRONY ALLY) which is a term used for a Mixture of Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Metal the price is double that of Light Iron & Steel, however the percentage of Non Ferrous would have to be at least 75 percent of the overall weight to be accepted.    

We are Mobile Scrap Metal Dealers and will buy your Scrap Metal from your Home, Office or Place of Work.

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