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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

We Have Updated Our Scrap Metal Price List

Prices We Pay For Scrap Metal

Dry Bright Copper Wire £3.40-£4.20 per kilo.

Copper Tube £3.00-£4.00 per kilo.

No 2 Copper Wire £3.20-£4.00 per kilo.

Braziery £2.30-£3.00 per kilo.

Brass £1.75-£2.10 per kilo.

Car Batteries/Lead Acid Batteries £0.10p-£0.20p per kilo.

Household Electrical Cable £0.80p per kilo.

Singles Cable £0.80p-£1.20 per kilo.

Cat 5 Data Cable £0.80p-£1.00 per kilo

Low Grade Cable £0.50p per kilo.

Lead £0.50p-£0.80p per Kilo.

Stainless Steel £0.30p-£0.45p per kilo.

Aluminium £0.25p-£0.40p per kilo.

Electric Motors £0.20p per kilo.

Scrap Laptops £0.30p per kilo.

Scrap circuit boards £0.04p-£0.10p per kilo.

Zinc £0.10p per kilo.

Air Con Units £0.10p per kilo.

Refining Alu  (Part Ferrous) £0.10p per kilo.

Heavy Steel £0.05p per kilo.

Mixed Iron (Ferrous) £0.04p per kilo.


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